Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Want some fun out of my book?

Please go to page 64 to 67 and you will find some names of Filipino celebrities (showbiz/politics/sports) with messages in acrostics on who they are either in public or just my perception. Example on Manny Villar:

M-any are his friends in the House
A-nd many too are his foes in the Upper,
N-o matter how many at him surrounds,
N-ot one can ever stop this dreamer,
Y-es, his "sipag at tiyaga' makes him a winner.

My book is one of the official entries in The Eric Hoffer Book Award

For more details on The Eric Hoffer Book Award based in N.J., USA, pls visit:

May my entry gained more prayers from you.


Monday, October 5, 2009

NEW BOOK now published!

Pls. be advised that my book entitled: Spiritual Moments & Sentiments by G. T. Gelvoleo is now available at Central Books corner, inside Goodwill Bookstore, Glorieta 3; Cental Books Supply, Level 5 Megamall A & Robinson's Place, Mabini Wing, Iloilo. Printed in the Philippines.

It's my own collection of Christian Poems in twenty years, some in acrostics from Bible Terms, Famous Names & others. Some collections may be used for framed photos because of their soulful graphics, or may be used as song lyrics, book marks etc..

Thanks for dropping by.


Friday, January 30, 2009

My song to Manay Felina Silencino

My song to the Woman of God

F-ar from the distance I saw a light,
E-manating from a woman’s face so bright,
L-ove of Christ it poured into my heart,
I-t simply had torn my sins apart;
N-ow that she won me to His blessed Word,
A-gain, she walks for others to meet the Lord.

S-omeday, when the Lord will come for the harvest,
I-, this woman and the souls she won will be at rest,
L-eaning forever on His everlasting arms,
E-xcelling all worldly cares and charms;
N-ow my hope is in Jesus, my King,
C-rown Him Oh my soul with praises to sing;
I- enjoin all men for this soul-winner so bold,
N-ever-ending thanks to Jesus be told,
O-ver every soul she brings into this glorious fold.

Acropoem, in me, is born, and can't be undone!

A Tribute to my Grandma whose name is Pacensia

P-ain might have its share in your life
A-s all of us too face in our own journey,
C-an't forget, though, that in your strife
E-verything was for a greater destiny;
N-ow your descendants win the fight
S-ince you taught us that our real enemy
I-s our own ignorance to see the light
A-bundantly shining in sibling's harmony.