Friday, January 30, 2009

My song to Manay Felina Silencino

My song to the Woman of God

F-ar from the distance I saw a light,
E-manating from a woman’s face so bright,
L-ove of Christ it poured into my heart,
I-t simply had torn my sins apart;
N-ow that she won me to His blessed Word,
A-gain, she walks for others to meet the Lord.

S-omeday, when the Lord will come for the harvest,
I-, this woman and the souls she won will be at rest,
L-eaning forever on His everlasting arms,
E-xcelling all worldly cares and charms;
N-ow my hope is in Jesus, my King,
C-rown Him Oh my soul with praises to sing;
I- enjoin all men for this soul-winner so bold,
N-ever-ending thanks to Jesus be told,
O-ver every soul she brings into this glorious fold.

Acropoem, in me, is born, and can't be undone!

A Tribute to my Grandma whose name is Pacensia

P-ain might have its share in your life
A-s all of us too face in our own journey,
C-an't forget, though, that in your strife
E-verything was for a greater destiny;
N-ow your descendants win the fight
S-ince you taught us that our real enemy
I-s our own ignorance to see the light
A-bundantly shining in sibling's harmony.